Normal Cardiovascular System (Illustrations)

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  • Anatomy of the trachea and bronchi Cardiac anatomy - Anterior view Cardiac anatomy - Left anterior oblique view Cardiac anatomy - Left lateral view Cardiac anatomy - Short axis view Cardiac specimen and coronary radiograph Coronary arteries, Anterior view Coronary arteries, ANT-LAO-LAT-RAO views Coronary arteries, Left anterior oblique (LAO) views Coronary arteries, Left lateral (LLAT) views Coronary arteries, Right anterior oblique (RAO) views d Gross anatomy - coronal section of the chest Gross anatomy of the heart, anterior and left lateral view Gross anatomy of the heart, coronary territories Gross anatomy of the heart, exterior and venticles Gross anatomy of the heart, oblique view Gross anatomy of the heart, valves and coronary arteries Gross anatomy of the thorax and mediastinum Gross structure of the myocardium Myocardial segment terminology Normal anatomy of the myocardium - Specimens Short axis sections and matching SPECT nuclear imaging views Structure of the bronchioles and alveoli TEST The membranous septum Views of Heart
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